sobota 31. března 2012

Day "D"

With my best friend Lidu

Again with my BFF

Hi everybody,
this day was one of the best days recently. I came to town Litoměřice where my best friend Lidu lives. First we made some photos and than we were telling some funny stories from our lifes - for example what we did 2 years ago in school...we were BIG fools! But I can't say that we aren't now :-D We still do rubbish. I think that it's better than play on adults - we are 15. Now it's one of the best parts of my life, so we MUST enjoy it! All day, all night :-D In the evening we went to the cinema on movie "I'll wake up yesterday" .
I love you <3

My sweetie Vivy

This is Vivy. Her full name is Nguyen Nhat Vy. She's my really good friend. I met her when we boarded to grammar school in 6th class (now we are in 9th class). I sat next to her because I came late and there wasn't any free place in class. But it was good choice :-). I love her because she understands me, it's fun with her and she can support me. It's the most beautiful and the kindest vietnamese I've ever seen.

pátek 23. března 2012

Things I need in summer

I've just found one summer photo with my favorite things. There are sunglasses, small ridge, small mirror and strawy hat (H&M). Unfortunately the sunglasses are broken and I can't wear them this year. I'm really sad of it.

středa 21. března 2012

Something older

 Dress : ORSAY
 Shoes : H&M
 Blazer : H&M

Hello everybody,
this is a bit older photo, from 3rd December 2011 and I hope that you don't mind :) It was again wonderful day with my friends Pája Šimková and Chuanita Davaajav (you can see her blog in component "My favourite blogs"). We made some photos and had fun.
On this look I like that it's very maiden and elegant. I hope you like it.
Have a nice day.

pondělí 19. března 2012

Flaunt those abs !

Emilio Pucci

Vintage-inspired crop tops make a flash of flat stomach feel sexy and sophisticated. With 1950s poolside starlets in mind, Prada brought back the bandeau, Versace did strapless with seaside prints, and Dolce & Gabbana bra tops went soft and floral. And the gypsy mood at Emilio Pucci meant delicate lacy underwear style looks that definitely weren't designed to be covered up.

neděle 18. března 2012

Chillin with my friends


Dress : H&M
Shoes : H&M

I decided to go out with friends. It was warmest day in year 2012 and we enjoyed sun. We were walking in our small city called Litoměřice and making some photos of us. I love when I'm with my friends and I can talk about everything and do what I know :) Thank you Chuanita and Vivy for lovely day.

neděle 11. března 2012

Back to December

Shirt : H&M
Necklace : TAKKO
Shoes : my friend's

This look is simple but I like it. It's made in December. It was very cold day, but I wanted to have a photo, that's why I don't have any coat here. I hope you like the pic.
Have a nice day bloggers.

pátek 9. března 2012

One day from my memories

Coat : GATE
Sunglasses : H&M
Bag :

This is my first contribution here and I hope you like it. I will add here some older photos, because I want to have it here, so I hope you don't matter. By the way these pics are from 3 December 2011.