neděle 27. května 2012

Love her...

My beautiful <3

These photos are from Friday 25th May. We was chillin on this white sand but next came some foreign kids and they made a mess - it was really annoying so we left ...

I love spending time with Pája <3

neděle 20. května 2012

Johanka's 15

Přidat popisek

Birthday girl Johan (on the left) with Chuanita

Yesterday and today early in the morning was birthday party of my really good friend Johan who I love so much. She celebrated her 15. Finally we met with my best friends together - Johan, Pája, Lidu, Chuanita, Vivy and Dominika - they are my nearest friends. We had a good time. We were dancing, singing, enjoying ...OMG I want  it back ! We slept in Johanka's flat and it was a bit funny because we couldn't sleep. In the end we went to bed at 5.30 . It could be ok when we didn't have to wake up early lol.
I want to thank Johanka <3 She is amazing friend! Like everybody from our group :-) I know that I can talk about everything and they accept me (and conversely). I just LOVE them!
Btw :
I'm sorry that I don't have more pics. I didn't have time to take photos and if I have more, they are useless.

sobota 12. května 2012

Hot day with my lovie

Hahah ..

When we came home from school, we were so hot that we had to go out :-D In bus was maybe 50°C omg, we thought that we'll die lol. This is my friend Pája Šimková, I know her for 12 years. I love her <3

neděle 6. května 2012

Waiting for Lidu

With Vivy

It was Monday 30th April and me and my friend Vivy were waiting for my bf Lidu because she had a lesson of music. It was afternoon before borning witches. In the evening we met some friends and had a nice time :)

středa 2. května 2012

Vivy's sweet 16

Cake for Vivy

With bubble tea

Watching stars

Feeling like on party haha

Our honoree

Early in the morning

My really good friend Vivy had 16th birthday on 27th April. She did a celebration on Saturday. First, we made birthday cake for her with Lidu, Chuanita and Pája because she was in Prague. We made it for 4 hours or more! Hard work! :D When she  came, we went to her home and we sang Happy B-Day for her :-) It was so nice. She brought bubble tea - our favorite drink! We went to pizzeria for dinner. Next we went to amazing parc and we were dancing, singing....just chilling!
We had to wake up early in the morning because Vivy went to Prague and I had to go by bus at 8 am.
It was so nice day! I love my friends soooooo much <3 Thank you for wonderful memories!

neděle 15. dubna 2012


Today I had a bubble-tea . It's one of my most favorite drinks ! My friend Vivy was in Prague, so she brought one for me :-) Oooh I love it !!!

sobota 14. dubna 2012

Flowers everywhere




These photos are from yesterday ( Friday 13th April 2012 ) . It was nice warm day and after school I went out with my friend to the nature in Brozany nad Ohří (village where I live) . I love spring here because everywhere in forest are flowers and it looks so lovely! I like living here but sometimes is better to live in city. In any case, yesterday was wonderful :-)
Have a nice day!

neděle 8. dubna 2012

Rollin in the grass


This photo is made after school. We were exhausted from boring school so we went to the parc and enjoyed the sun. It was very warm day in contrast with weather last 10 days. Btw there is Lidu and Vivy :)

pátek 6. dubna 2012

A bit elegant

Blazer : BERSHKA
T-shirt : NEW YORKER
Pants : H&M

These photos are from 6th January 2012. I like the combination of elegant outfit with an old town. Btw the heels aren't mine. It has very tall heels and I can't wear it normally because I'm tall :-D

neděle 1. dubna 2012

H&M magazine

H&M is my favourite shop and everytime they have this magazine I must take it! I can inspire from it and see fabolous pics. Now there is David Beckham's collection of underwear for, he still looks very well ! :)
You can see him here :