neděle 20. května 2012

Johanka's 15

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Birthday girl Johan (on the left) with Chuanita

Yesterday and today early in the morning was birthday party of my really good friend Johan who I love so much. She celebrated her 15. Finally we met with my best friends together - Johan, Pája, Lidu, Chuanita, Vivy and Dominika - they are my nearest friends. We had a good time. We were dancing, singing, enjoying ...OMG I want  it back ! We slept in Johanka's flat and it was a bit funny because we couldn't sleep. In the end we went to bed at 5.30 . It could be ok when we didn't have to wake up early lol.
I want to thank Johanka <3 She is amazing friend! Like everybody from our group :-) I know that I can talk about everything and they accept me (and conversely). I just LOVE them!
Btw :
I'm sorry that I don't have more pics. I didn't have time to take photos and if I have more, they are useless.

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